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It is easier to build a child, than to repair an adult

Help the School

Why We Need Your Help

Little Flower Prep School has been a landmark school of distinction since 1982. The school features differentiated instructions for students identified as gifted and talented, and children with learning disabilities.
Little Flower is a private non-public school that does
not benefit from philantropists' endowments or government funding.
We rely solely on school fees and tuition payments from struggling parents making every effort to prioritize what's important.
At the same time, we are fully aware of the high standards and quality education their children receive, but still we face big challenges maintaining highly trained and qualified teachers while trying to keep within an escalating budget.
We therefore decided to invest in a fund raising campaign that included a TV commercial, and a promotional appeal through our web site for help.
Please choose from the list below, one or more ways you can help our school.
Kindly complete the Contact Form or call the school today. Thank you!!

Yes, I want to help your School !
Please, contact me:
 Make a Donation
 Enroll a Child
 Offer Volunteer work
 Visit the School

Make a Donation

You have the privilege to help our children receive a higher education that will positively mold their future. Any donation for any amount will be greatly appreciated. You can make your donation by check, Debit or Credit Card.
You can even make a bigger pledge and pay it on a monthly basis. Upon receiving your kind donation the
School will issue a receipt for your records.

Register a child in our School

The future of a child, his integration and impact on society depends mostly on his childhood education. President Obama is a proven example of this. Whether it is your own child, a friend's, a neighbor or relative, you can help them by encouraging them to register in our School. A short visit to our School will give you or them a chance to realize the great benefits of the education we provide.


Every individual is blessed with skills and talents, in areas like organizational, educational, artistic or musical.
You can volunteer some of your free time and share your skills or talents to help the School.
We'll find the way the School can benefit from your volunteer work and it will be greatly appreciated.

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