Little Flower Preschool & Preparatory School in Brooklyn, NY

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It is easier to build a child , than to repair an adult


The Right School for my Child

Our children are like little flowers that require nourishment and care to grow into strong and healthy trees. In our School we are aware of how crucial and fundamental children's education is from a very early age.
Because of the educational philosophy "It is easier to Build a Child than to Repair an Adult", Little Flower Prep School will devote all its resources to nurturing children's growth in a warm, cheerful, inviting, and friendly school climate.
The Montessori experience at the PreSchool through level Kindergarten is an addition to our successful innovative and diverse, creative 21st Century Curriculum which is based on exposure to the content subjects of Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and the Arts.
The Montessori approach provides children with a wide variety of sensorial and tactical materials in which their gross and fine motor skills are developed. This lays the groundwork for a strong early learning foundation in children.
It also enables young children to work with minimal directions to develop their sense of independence, and organizational skills where children learn to make individual choices of activity, and re-arrange the work area when finished. Read more ...

Benefits of Little Flower School

  • Montessori Method

  • Innovative Curriculum

  • Preschool, Primary and Middle School grades

  • Constant communication with parents

  • Member of NAEYC and NACCP

  • Established in 1982

1st Day of School
Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Registration for admission for daycare,
elementary and middle school education
is ongoing all year round.

Parents are invited for a tour of the school.
Appointments are not required.

When Public and Charter Schools
are closed - we are open!
Let your child spend the day with us
where learning takes place!
Ask about our very Low Rates!

Little Flower Prep School believes
that Parent Involvement is a
critical component for student's success,
and offers Resourceful Information
where children and family comes first.

755 Eastern Pkwy.
Brooklyn, NY 11213
please call
(718) 342-0908 - (718) 342-0975 fax

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